10 mars 2006


I've postponed writing about new films until I had finished the Wayward Cloud critique but it failed to hurry the process. Writing alone is not my thing. Leaving disordered notes will be easier hopefully. Also I tried to focus on collective interactive discussions instead of unilateral blog statements, which was unsuccessful as well.
Too much films to discover at a time, too much topics going on to comment, and too little time to commit... I made watching the films a priority so I'm a bad blogger.

Marguerite Duras died 10 years ago, on March 3rd 1996. Her abstracted directing style is rather unique. I've seen only a few and I can't really understand her point but I'm interested to find out more about her peculiar contribution to the cinematic language. So I couldn't write anything substential in a blog entry, however I'd like to read what other people have to say about it and discuss the possible interpretations on an informal forum.
Calling for participants in a tribute to Duras filmography on The Cinema Roundtablers forum. Please meet me there, to link to critical study material available online or in print and comment her films.

Special thanks to Katie MacLean for the new banner design of my blog!

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