10 février 2007

Directors Lounge

For the 3rd time the Directors Lounge (8 - 18 february 2007) offers a place to showcase experimental videoartists from around the world, in the margin of the Berlin International Festival. Video installation, exhibitions, slideshow, animation, conference.

Organized by Marina Foxley (among others), don't miss her beautiful short films called Still Life, Errance and Scrap Metal (can be viewed online here and here with some of the other works).

Follow the news on the official program and the blog.
  • Special screening : Chinese Independent Documentaries
    China Doc in coperation with Fanhall Studios, Beijing Curated by Marina Foxley and Zhu Rikun, founder of Fanhall Studios. This special focus comprises of several long features and short videos and illustrates the singularity and the richness of independent Chinese documentary in a concise manner.

2 commentaires:

Ouyang Feng a dit…

Oh thanks!!!
I got back this week-end, and need to catch up on some sleep...
This 3rd edition was rich and diverse with a friendly and convivial atmosphere. A big thanks to the Team Directors Lounge (http://directorslounge.net/team.html) who made this possible.

HarryTuttle a dit…

You're welcome Marina.
It's frustrating to follow the event from afar... I hope you will tell us all about how it went when you're rested and want to share.