13 février 2009

New Indian Auteur website

Nitesh (Winds From the East) and his friends has just opened a new website and a community of cinephiles in India which goal is to promote artfilms and Auteurist Indian cinema in the land of the Bollywood hegemony. The manifesto statement can be read here. There are also a lot of cine club events throughout regions of India as well as participation to retrospectives on foreign cinema. And I wrote for them an article on Truffaut's article "Une certaine Tendance du cinéma français"; the first part is up now.
Cheers to an exciting adventure developing now.

FINALLY…persistence paid. Days of dilemmas, confusion, indecision, uncertainty, and countless embarrassed postponements later, the group managed to strike the first death knell finally, as it launched (the beta version) of its own website, www. indianauteur.com, in the wee hours of the morning, on 12th Feb 2009.

The inaugural issue features reviews, the much-read Delhi Manifesto, details of upcoming events by the group, and the various extensive, and exhaustive features on various topics related to the state of Indian cinema. The issue also touches upon an unique topic of Film Education to inform and help Indian readers get acquainted with different styles, forms of cinema and film criticism. HarryTuttle, French cinephile author of Screenville talks about Truffaut and his manifesto in the first issue.

The group held a little party to commemorate a sort of an official announcement of the launch, on the morning of 12th Feb, at Café Turtle, situated in Khan Market. The launch had as its chief guest, Dr. Ziaei, Director, Iran Culture House; along with a few members of the group.

"Congratulations to them. Best wishes, and hope they grow as great writers and filmmakers in an international film event", said Dr. Ziaei.

04 février 2009

CNN Hologram at Obama's election

Francophile only :

Quand CNN convie un spectre de Star Wars (Novembre 2008)

J'avais écrit ce texte après les élections américaines de Novembre 2008 pour la revue "Spectres du cinéma", et comme le numéro suivant ne sort toujours pas, je le publie ici pour qu'il aie un semblant d'actualité avec l'inauguration de la prise de pouvoir du président Obama. Mais c'est déjà de l'histoire ancienne. Enfin, je trouvais ça amusant à l'époque.
Ma participation à cette revue incertaine s'achève ici.