25 avril 2012

Cinema 16 (Amos Vogel)

A film society for the adult moviegoer Cinema 16... films that cannot be seen elsewhere.

"It is well to keep in mind the difference between a commercial movie theatre and a film society. The commercial movie theatre aims to entertain; the film society aims to futher the appreciation of film and new experiences in the medium. The commercial movie theatre aims to stay clear of controversy; the film society welcomes it. If the film shown by a film society is entertaining, so much the better, but entertainment value cannot be the sole criterion for film society programming, nor can audience approval or disapproval. Film society must remain at least one step ahead of the audiences, and must not permit themselves to be pulled down to the level of the lowest common denominator in the audience. A very common and dangerous occurance in a mass medium.
It is a catastrophic fallacy to assume that running a film society involves nothing more than an idealistic concern with good films, coupled with their lackadaiscal presentation to willing audiences. On the contrary, the individual brave enough to venture into this troublesome field must be, nomatterwhat says the audience, an organiser, promoter, publicist, copyrighter, businessman, public speaker and artist. A conscienscious, if not pedantic person, versed in mass psychology. He must have roots in his community. And he must know a good film when he sees it. "
Amos Vogel, Cinema 16 (1947)
* * *

"Be uncomfortable, be sand, not oil in the machinery of the world"
Guenther Eich (German post-WW2 writer)

* * *

"I believe that the entire evolution of Art and of society proceeds through a series of revolutions. The question that everything in our society is based on is 'will it be profitable or not?' chokes off real creativity. I think that the commercialisation of art and of entertainment is a negative factor in human development. When you see how art does progress it is always by the revolutionary deeds of a few individuals who come up with totally new ideas, totally new means of expressing themselves."
Amos Vogel in Film as a Subversive Art (2004/Paul Cronin/USA) 56' 


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