09 août 2012

BFI statistical yearbook 2012

BREAKING NEWS : More arthouse screens in the UK than in the USA !!!
Source : BFI Statistical Yearbook 2012 (released on 26 July 2012) [PDF]

  • USA (Population 314 Million inhabitants) : 250 arthouse screens / 0.6% of total commercial screens [estimation]
  • UK (Population 62 Million inhabitants) : 266 arthouse screens / 7.2 % of total commercial screens [governmental survey]
And the UK boasts a 4% increase in number of arthouses and arthouse screens. So they are working on this shameful shortage and it's working slowly, but at least improving.
Meanwhile, the USA closes down more and more arthouses, without replacing them (forget about increasing the numbers!), and don't seem to care a damn about the dire straits situation they're in. 
Guess where cinéphilia is dying and where it's trying to survive (both against the same overwhelming domination by Hollywood marketing)?


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