08 décembre 2005

Il vento del cinema

The Wind of Cinema
website (italian)
Seminary of philosophy thought out by cinema
June 2005 - Procida (Italy) near Stromboli

Seminary of Jam Sessions with
  • Filmmakers : Alexandre Sokourov, Manoel de Oliveira, Abel Ferrara, Dario Argento, Herz Frank, Yervant Gianikiann, Philippe Garrel, Vincent Dieutre, Angela Ricchi Lucchi, Enrico Ghezzi, Mario Franco, Francesco Alliata, Nello Correale, Dino Mele...
  • Philosophers: Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Derida, Peter Sloterdijk, Emanuele Severino, Massimo Donà...

Last week on french radio was 5 broadcasts of 1h30 recounting the lectures and discussions. L’île du docteur Plateau, ou la philosophie pensée par le cinéma (available online, in french)

The highlight of this festival was the projection of a 30h long footage of the lectures of Gilles Deleuze recorded on video at the Vincennes University masterclasses during the 4 years when he conceived his theory of Cinema (The Time-Image, The Mouvement-Image) in the 70ies. Deleuze even had edited out 5h of these images into a "film", also restored for the occasion.

Films Projected :

  • Je t’aime, je t’aime (1968/Alain Resnais/France)
  • Terrore nello spazio / Terror in Space (1965/Mario Bava/Italy)
  • Les Enfants désaccordés (1964/Philippe Garrel/France)
  • Les Hautes solitudes (1974/Philippe Garrel/France)
  • La naissance de l’amour (1993/Philippe Garrel/France)
  • Silent Running (1972/Douglas Trumbull)
  • Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (2004/Mamoru Oshii/Japan)
  • Il mare / The Sea (1963/Giuseppe Patroni Griffi/Italy)
  • Armageddon (1998/Michael Bay/USA)
  • I ragazzi della Panaria (2004/Nello Correale/Italy)
  • Il monologo de «l’altro sguardo» (1996/Rossella Ragazzi/Italy)
  • Napoli e il cinema, storia e prospettive (2005/Mario Franco/Italy)
  • Out of the present (1995/Andrei Ujica/Germany)
  • Venerdì Santo (2005/Herz Frank/Italy-Lettonia)
  • Diagnosi (1975)
  • Dieci minuti più vecchio (1978/USSR)
  • The Last Judgement (1987)
  • Il Cantico dei Cantici (1989/USSR)
  • Centauro (1973/USSR)
  • La gioia di essere (1974/USSR)
  • Arte (1975/USSR)
  • Risveglio (1979/Herz Frank/USSR)
  • Platone e l’opera dei pupi (2005/Nello Correale/Italy)

I wish I was there to listen.

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