19 mars 2011

Table ronde : critique et internet (2008)

La critique de cinéma et le défi d'internet: de la revue au blog

Roundtable organised at La Cinémathèque Française (2008-07-06) in Paris.
MP3 and Video available at Canal U (FRENCH, 2h)

Guests (only one blogger among representatives of the paper press institution, TV, university and La Cinémathèque) :

My notes from the collective debate :


Drop of interest by paper readers, and drop of sales, shrinking of the space allocated to cinema in newspapers... the cinema discourse online has built up and solidified in the last 10 years, from the online forums, to the websites of paper publications, to the blogs.

Blog : Impressions intuitive, subjective, intimate and fetishistic, like a collector album of cinema memories. Cross-references, confrontations, extrapolations... dialogue of cinema with architecture, urbanism, songs, football...
Multimedia content, using sound and image, a form that is impossible on paper.

There is the death of something (institutional criticism) and the birth of something else (multimedia criticism), which is very chaotic. Revolution of the "function critic". To break the stream of weekly professional criticism.
Internet is "the place of diffraction of the critical speech" against the professionalism of the formatted critic profession.


Freedom of the internet opposed to constraint of TV production. Notably the proverbial "fair use" of film clip citations on a blog, which is vetoed by Copyrights bureaucracy on TV programs, or film documentaries (expensive fees!). It opens a liberty of creation, montage, collage and détournement on the web, at least for a few more months until the studios enforce some kind of regulation.
Possibility to develop a certain film criticism without a voice-over commentary, by means of images alone, with a dialogue of films themselves (e.g. Matthias Muller), home-movies, vlog, as a form of visual criticism.
Unlimited length. No censor. No editor.

Links cited during the debate :

Revue en ligne : Critikat; Ecran Large; Objectif Cinéma; cinema-take;
Forums : Dvd Classik; DVDrama;
Blogs : Serge Toubiana; alapoursuiteduvent; La Lanterne; Zohiloff; Matière Focale; Bertrand Tavernier; Compagnon Geek; Ce qui nous regarde;
Educational sites :
Lumière!; Quai des images; télédoc; Zéro de conduite;

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