25 mars 2011

Exploding traditional narrative structure (Kubrick)

Entretien de Michel Ciment avec Stanley Kubrick, 1987, Childwickbury, UK
(webcast France Culture, 24 March 2011) 29'
Ciment: "Comment un cinéaste aujourd'hui peut affronter le fait que les spectateurs sont constament abreuvés d'images de la guerre, particulièrement à la TV? Comment créer des images nouvelles pour que le public voie différement?"

Kubrick: "Well, since I have always found it easy to make the visual side of movies I've never really worried about it. I think the problem with audience is story. Movies are not disappointing because they are disappointing visually. They are disappointing because they are just boring. And there is nothing about them that really moves you or gets your imagination. So I would say the problem is more where do good stories come from? Is there ever gonna be a way to combine the structure of the silent movies with the quick presentation of an idea in a TV commercial? Maybe a poet has to do it. I don't know. A novelist will never do it. A playwright will never do it. And if you're not a [filmmaker-]writer, you'll probably never do it. So somewhere, somebody has to tie the wonderful economical structural possibilities of a silent movie with the tremendous power a good TV commercial can generate on a topic in 30 seconds. I still think this will be the most exciting thing that happened since whoever was that cut the two first films together and realised you could have editing. You really need a sort of editing of the mind, which hasn't happened. Somewhere somebody has to bring this together, just tell a story in a different way." 


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