08 juillet 2006

INA - Public French TV archive online

National Archive Insitute (INA) opened to public use a part of their methodical archive of all things TV and radio broadcast since the 70ies, and put it on the internet a couple of weeks ago with a stunning success (jam and troubleshooting possible).
It's only small clips and nothing recent yet (full access will cost fees), but I found a bunch of great TV moments.

For example these are the hits for Robert Bresson (in French, obviously) :

  • 1958 - Maria Casarès on Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne
  • 1962 - Bresson interviewed after Le Procès de Jeanne d'Arc was awarded the Cannes Special Jury Prize
  • 1966 - Interview of Bresson in Venice for Au Hasard Balthazar
  • 1966 - Annie Dorfman producer of Le Procès de Jeanne d'Arc, talks about its commercial failure
  • 1966 - Annie Dorfman talks about producing Pickpocket : she says Bresson doesn't let producers interfer in the pursuit of his oeuvre
  • 1966 - Louis Malle on Bresson's non-actors
  • 1966 - Ghislain Cloquet, DP on Balthazar, talks about the unity/flow /coherence given by a sole 50mm lens for every plan
  • 1966 - Godard, Duras, Malle, Reichenbach talk about Au Hazard Balthazar
  • 1967 - Godard in Cannes repeat exactly what he said in clip above about Bresson (inquisitor), but in pejorative terms (racist, intolerant) because Bresson supported the censorship Rivette's La Religieuse earlier the same year
  • 1967 - Interviews of his models on location during shooting of Mouchette
  • 1970 - Dominique Sanda on Une Femme Douce
  • 1971 - Dominique Sanda, 20, on Bresson
  • 1974 - Bresson press conference for Lancelot in Cannes, defends furiously his cinematographe against the mascarade/disguised parade of commercial cinema (pornography). Disses Dreyer's period costumes for Jeanne d'Arc. The gore opening sequence was meant to show the violent menace of the epoch, but before the film, to keep the core of the film free of representative violence. Disses Resnais period film Stavisky
  • 1981 - Truffaut on Bresson
  • 1983 - L'argent in Cannes, booed by the public and praised by the critics
  • 1985 - Jean Yanne, producer on Lancelot, talks about how Bresson spent 24h on recording the sound of a poker on the ground
  • 1987 - Dominique Sanda on Une Femme Douce

Maybe some of them are already featured on DVD bonus tracks, but I wouldn't know because I don't have the DVDs.

More updates later with other findings...

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HarryTuttle a dit…

***Broken links fixed***

François Truffaut

1967 - He says filmmakers should start young, the first 3 first films (and the last one) are the most important, before it becomes a career. He would prefer people to see his films without knowing his name on it, anonymously. Every subject is interesting, a critic should respect what the filmmaker talks about. No preferences for a subject, no specialized critics, they can't understand if they don't like the genre. The critical judgement isn't on the subject but on talent, sincerity, coherence, logic. Bad films are illogic.
"Cinema is more mysterious than painting" said Renoir. Filmmakers aren't better critics than professional critics. He's not sincere, he prefers tact and hypocrisy.

1969 - Truffaut on Hitchcock's interview.

1983 - Truffaut on Dudley Andrew's biography of André Bazin

Andrei Tarkovsky

1972 - Tarkovsky and Nathalie Bondartchouk on Cannes Jury Grand Prix for Solaris.

HarryTuttle a dit…

Is there anybody who can view these clips out there?


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