27 août 2006

Etrange Festival 2006

L'Etrange Festival
August 30 / Sept 12 2006 - Paris - Official Website


  • Avida (2006/Delépine/Kervern/France)
  • Imprint (2006/Miike/Japan)
  • Matthew Barney : No Restraint (2006/Chernick/USA) DOC
  • Next Door (2005/Sletaune/Norway/Denmark/Sweden)
  • Rally 444 (2006/Sanchez/France)
  • Re-Cycle (2005/Pang/HK/Thailand)
  • Neighborhood Watch (2005/Whifler/USA)
  • Severance (2005/Smith/UK)
  • Brothers of the Head (2005/fulton/Pepe/UK)


  • The Holy Mountain (1973/Jodorowsky/Mexico)
  • Begotten (1991/Merhige/USA)
  • The Hawk is Dying (2006/Goldberger/USA)
  • The Great Yokai War (2005/Miike/Japan)


  • L'Age d'Or (1930/Buñuel/France)
  • Aussi loin que l'amour (1970/Rossif/France)
  • Babaouo (1998/Cusso-Ferrer/Spain)
  • Cinéma Dali (2004/Rovira/Spain/France) DOC
  • Destino (1946-2003/Monfery/France) anim SHORT
  • Impressions de la Haute Mongolie (1976/Dali/Montes-Baquer/Germany) DOC
  • Spellbound (1945/Hitchcock/USA)
  • Un Chien andalou (1928/Buñuel/France) SHORT

CARTE BLANCHE to Diamanda Galas

  • Persona (1966/Bergman/Sweden)
  • Bandit Queen / Phoolan Devi (1994/Kapur/India/UK)
  • Salo o le centoventi giornate di Sodoma (1975/Pasolini/Italy)
  • Sisters (1973/De Palma/USA)
  • The Act of seeing with one's own Eyes (1971/Brakhage/USA) SHORT
  • Les Yeux sans visage (1960/Franju/France)

CARTE BLANCHE to Paul Schrader

  • Brandy in the wilderness (1969/Kaye/USA)
  • Echoes of Silence (1964/Goldman/USA)
  • Lonesome Cowboys (1969/Morissey/Warhol/USA)
  • Scorpio Rising (1964/Anger/USA) SHORT
  • Serene Velocity (1970/Gehr/USA) SHORT
  • Wavelength (1967/Snow/USA/Canada) SHORT
  • Yakuza (1974/Pollack/Japan/USA)
  • Yukoku (1965/Mishima/domoto/Japan) SHORT


  • Poor White Trash (1957/Daniels/USA)
  • Prime Cut (1972/Ritchie/USA)
  • Death Trap / Eaten Alive (1977/Hooper/USA)
  • Mudhoney (1965/Meyer/USA)
  • Motel Hell (1980/Connor/USA)


  • Yume no naka e / Comme dans un rêve (2005/Sion/Japan)
  • Noriko no Shokutaku / Noriko's Dinner Table (2005/Sion/Japan)
  • Kimyo na sakasu / Strange Circus (2005/Sion/Japan)
  • Jisatsu saakuru / Jisatsu Circle (2001/Sion/Japan)


  • Seijû gakuen / School of the Holy Beast (1974/Suzuki/Japan)
  • Kyôfu joshikôkô: bôkô rinchi kyôshitsu (1973/Suzuki/Japan)
  • Furyô anego den: Inoshika Ochô / Sex and Fury (1973/Suzuki/Japan)
  • Shôrinji kenpô / The Killing Machine (1975/Suzuki/Japan)
  • Dabide no hoshi: bishoujo-gari / Star of David: Beauty Hunting (1979/Suzuki/Japan)


Recommendations and hints welcomed! Thanks

8 commentaires:

HarryTuttle a dit…

This festival is like an underground/grindhouse revival to show experimental, trash and erotic films that don't get screened anywhere else. So it's always an opportunity to find rare films and discover new stuff.

This year I'm happy to see there more titles from the Cannes line-up (Avida, Re-cycle), and also the documentary Matthew Barney : No Restraint from the Berlinale, which will help me to finish my series of posts on DR9 hopefully.

Another film from Cannes 2006, in the restoration section, Jodorwsky's The Holy Mountain, which I've been longing to see for a while now.

The Dali retrospective is a gem! I've seen half of them, but I didn't know about the others, the documentary and the Frederic Rossif film looks really interesting.

Following the AG blogathon, I'll get to see some legendary experimental films (Brakhage, Morissey/Warhol, Snow, Gehr, Anger)

If you can think of other interesting choices not to be missed, let me know.

andyhorbal a dit…

Go see Mudhoney!

HarryTuttle a dit…

Thanks Andy, is it a good Russ Meyer film? (not usually my cup of tea)

andyhorbal a dit…

Well, that depends entirely on what your definition is of a "good Russ Meyer" film!

It's one of my favorite Meyer films because it is (after its own sensational fashion) one of his least sensational films. In many respects Meyer is the perfect Hollywood filmmaker, and this is a perfect Hollywood film: easy to follow, well acted (to a point), well shot (it's by the book clean), lurid/titillating but not too outré), socially relevant (again, after its own fashion). I think what I mean is, this looks like what Hollywood is going for!

But, of course, it's NOT a Hollywood film and I find that just absolutely fascinating...

HarryTuttle a dit…

That's what I meant, the genre movie and the facile provocation of Meyer are fun to watch but not prioritary on my viewing list. (especially in a festival setting when I can't watch everything I want)
So maybe I'll give it a shot because you recommend it, but if I can't now I'll try to catch it later anyway.

HarryTuttle a dit…

2 films I forgot on the list, the opening and closing screenings :
The Hawk is Dying (2006/Goldberger/USA)
The Great Yokai War (2005/Miike/Japan)

Ouyang Feng a dit…

Avoid Re-Cycle, one of the worse Asian films of the year!!!
Otherwise, Suicide Club (Jisatsu Circle) is the only Sono Sion's film I saw. I enjoyed it but I don't know if you would. By Norifumi Suzuki is mainly known for his sexploitation films.

HarryTuttle a dit…

Hi Ouyang Feng, thanks for the advice.

I just come back from a sold out Matthew Barney : No Restraint which I couldn't see... and only one screening! What a pain. And there were only one or two dozen people at the screening for Dali's Destino... why so much hype around Barney? I thought the commercial release of DR9 in Paris wasn't a big hit.

Anyway, Dali + Disney's Destino is a beauty, like if Dali's paintings were always meant to be animated and live. Too bad Dali didn't get to make more films.
Babaouo is another unfilmed script Dali wrote, very close to L'Age d'Or. And Manuel Cusso Ferrer (in attendance) make this film a part documentary (on the history of Dali in cinema, and the making of this film) part fiction (his adaptation of the script). Very Dali. Very surrealist. Maybe not as filmic as early Buñuel surrealist films, but there are some memorable shots.