28 mars 2008

Film Criticism Blogathon 2006 (backup)

Since I mentionned in my last post Andy Horbal's Film Criticism Blogathon (at No More Marriages!) on Dec 1st 2006, and that the blog was now deleted, I'll re-post the links here for future online reference and posterity.
Luckily a trace of the summary can be found copied at the end of in Noel Vera's own contribution
And thanks to the Wayback Machine, the original archive of this blogathon is not lost.

(*) indicates discussion in the comments section

And reminding us that the internet is not cast in stone and that blogposts and bloggers come and go :
R.I.P. offline pages
(please leave a link or a cached page to correct these missing contributions)

Bonus Link :

A Roundtable Discussion "How Film Critics Work" at Undercurrent (FIPRESCI) with Klaus Eder, Julie Rigg, Richard Kuipers, Adrian Martin and Roslyn Petelin
This forum, presented by the Australian Film, Television and Radio School as part of the Brisbane International Film Festival 2005, invited four prominent film critics to discuss their profession and share ideas about perceptive and informative film criticism.

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