03 décembre 2008

Où va le cinéma ?

Where is cinema heading to ?
Series of panel discussions at Le Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris MoMA), Dec 4-7 2008, viewable live on the website (schedule time CET = GMT+1). Video trailer (with video opinions by M. Night Shyamalan, Carice Van Houten, Lisandro Alonso, Bong Joon Ho, Yu Lik-Wai, George A. Romero, Miguel Gomes, Serge Bozon, Kiju Yoshida, David Strathairn, Albert Serra...)
You can also post your questions on the website to be asked to the panelists

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HarryTuttle a dit…

Tomorrow will be the roundtable on La Critique! On the Pompidou website there is a preliminary survey (in French, you can use an online translator for a rough overview) asking to some critics and scholars, mostly French, (Raymond Bellour, Emmanuel Burdeau, Jean-Michel Frodon, Hervé Joubert-Laurencin, André Habib, Christian Leprat, Christa Blümlinger) 4 questions:

- How is it going?
- How does it work?
- How does it shifts?
- What to do about it?

Check it out

HarryTuttle a dit…

Où va le cinéma ? L’important est de le suivre… Aurelien Ferenczi at Télérama

HarryTuttle a dit…

Serge Kaganski, moderator of a couple of panels, comments today on the event at his Inrocks blog

HarryTuttle a dit…

They are uploading the videos now on the same page where the live cast took place, so you can use the links in my post above, if you've missed the live event (the 4 first panels are available so far)

That's what I call an open-access event in tune with the internet age!

HarryTuttle a dit…

All videos are now available! I especially recommend :
- 1) From theatre to museum
- 5) Where does film criticism go to ?
- 6) Narrative models, crisis or renewal ?
- 11) The cinema as a geography.

Personal let down for me : 4 (Auteur), 7 (Real or Fiction), 8 & 9 (Economy)

HarryTuttle a dit…

Great news!

The Centre Pompidou announces that there will be a sequel next year to this exceptional event, due to its success in 2008 and the expression of a need for such public tribune both by the professionals and by the audience. So expect a "Où va le cinéma ? 2" in 2009.