26 mai 2009

French pronunciation

In relation to the article on Truffaut's La Politique des Auteurs (you can read it at the Indian Auteur website : part 1 & 2), I've recorded a MP3 for the pronunciation of these terms. Enjoy :

  1. François Truffaut
  2. Une Certaine tendance du cinéma français [A certain tendency of French cinema]
  3. La Politique des Auteurs [The Policy of Auteurs]
  4. auteur
  5. Cahiers du cinéma
  6. André Bazin
  7. Henri Langlois
  8. Les Jeunes Turcs [The Young Turks]
  9. La Tradition de Qualité [The Tradition of Quality]
  10. Réalisme Poétique [Poetic Realism]
  11. Réalisme Psychologique [Psychological Realism]
  12. La Nouvelle Vague [The New Wave]
  13. mise en scène
  14. œuvre [work of art/complete filmography]
  15. plan séquence [single-shot scene]
  16. montage [editing]
  17. découpage [cutting]
  18. ciné-club
  19. cinéaste [filmmaker; and not "cinéphile"!]
  20. cinéphile
  21. cinéphilie [cinephilia]

1 commentaire:

HarryTuttle a dit…

I did that last month for the Indian Auteur website. But listening to the Cannes press conference with Sorcesese about the World Cinema Foundation associated with The Auteurs website... everyone had their own pronunciation of "auteur"!

However I was very impressed by the correct pronunciation of Jason Solomons at the Film Weekly Podcast (The Guardian) who frequently namedrops French words, with a good French accent.