27 novembre 2007

My blogosphere tracklist

My GoogleReader shared items list and its RSS feed :
A selection of blog posts from my RSS feeds aggregator. Enjoy!

And this page (always updated live) is accessible from the link menu on the side bar to the right.

5 commentaires:

Tucker a dit…

Thanks for the shout out Harry.

HarryTuttle a dit…

You're welcome Tucker, thanks for posting it at Unspoken Cinema. ;)

davis a dit…

Thanks for the links, Harry. That's a cool feature of Google Reader. I like how it embeds the entire content of the article in the list.

HarryTuttle a dit…

I find it a lot easier and faster to notify links that way than to have to paste them in a post, especially since I'm just passing on the info, I don't comment them.
Though I don't think the fact they embed the whole post helps... because it makes my list of links harder to peruse through and it might deny some traffic to these blogs.
Since everybody uses RSS aggregators the web traffic doesn't count much anymore, but still it's better to click and go read it at its original site, with all the eventual comments posted.

Catherine Grant a dit…

Thanks a lot for featuring Film Studies For Free's film criticism post.