29 janvier 2009

Epilogue '08

Join the discussion at The Auteurs (January 2009) with Andrew Grant, Kevin Lee, Edwin Mak, Nitesh Rohit, Alexis Tioseco and myself :
Epilogue '08 is the final chapter of the year 2008. An online roundtable looking back one last time on the past year in films, after 2008 came to a close and every year-end poll and commentary has been published. We have gathered here a panel of passionate film critics from around the world to feel the pulse of the cinephile life as it unfolded in half a dozen capital cities where cinema is lively and brewing. We get a chance to take a look at the global village of cinephilia, more than ever bound together by the communitarian feelings of the blogosphere and the communication between foreign film cultures, through films and also the international exchange allowed by film discourse in the English language.
List of contributions from the participants :

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