08 avril 2011

Contra-contrarianism (IFFR) 5

Good critic, Bad critic... what does it mean???
CRITICS KNOW: a BAD CRITIC is ... someone incompetent, dishonest, shallow, generalist, incoherent, subjective, complacent, lacks arguments, speculates, improvises summary judgements  a GOOD CRITIC is ... someone educated, skeptical, independent with objective analysis, facts, historical perspective, aesthetic standards, insights, ideas, opinions backed up by evidences
REVIEWERS ASSUME: a "BAD" CRITIC is ... someone who does negative criticism (called "tough love"),  dogmatic theory ("clichés"), [over-]analysis ("elitism", "spoilers"), love-deprived ("anti-cinephilia"), dialectic ("patronizing") a "GOOD" CRITIC is ... a "good" writer (a.k.a. thesaurus),  with positive promotion (cheerleader), impressions (truthiness), love (cinephilia), recommendations (prescription), trivia, anecdotes, puns
AUDIENCE FEELS: a "BAD" CRITIC is ... someone who dislikes what I like (attributed to "taste") a "GOOD" CRITIC is ... someone who likes what I like (taste)
Words mean different things to different people in different contexts. The problem is when two persons use the same word (with a different meaning) thinking they are talking about the same thing. And sometimes it means the contrary to what it is supposed to be used for.

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