15 février 2013

Interesting Panel on Film-Digital Transition (Michael Moore)

4 Aug 2012 (Traverse City Film Festival) 1h38'
We are in the final year—that's right, 2012—of films being made with...film! As the digital revolution sweeps over contemporary filmmaking, every digitally produced and released success story is a threat, not only to the authentic cinematic experience, but also to the long-term preservation of film.
Whether you are a celluloid purist or could really care less, this eye-opening panel will change the way you think about the technology of filmmaking and the potentially catastrophic implications for our film heritage. Moderator : Michael Moore and panelists : Mark Cousins (The Story of Film), Chapin Cutler (Principal, Boston Light & Sound), Alex Karpovsky (Supporting Characters and Red Flag), Christopher Kenneally ("Side by Side").

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