05 octobre 2009

Cinema Capacity - Japan - World Cinema Stats (7)

Case study : Japan 1955-2008

The number of Admissions naturally follows the number of screens, which is a direct consequence of the supply-demand market regulation. Except for the recent surge of screens (new multiplexes, digital projection...) that doesn't translate in a proportional increase of audience.
This time-series goes back a little further than for France (in my previous post) so we can see the clear change of era with the apparition and development of home televisions. Since 1970 the admissions stabilizes right below 200 millions, which is 6 times lower than the pre-TV, 1960 peak! This said there is no significant decrease when the VHS (70ies), DVD (mid-90ies), online piracy (~2000), Blu-ray (2006) appeared. Most of the decline can be attributed to TV alone.
Japan shows a similar drop of screens capacity around 1995 (economic crisis?) before a new expansion between 1995 and 2008.


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