16 octobre 2005

NYFF 2005

43rd New York Film Festival
September 23 - October 9, 2005

Website : Film Society of the Lincoln Center

Great line up issued from the best of Cannes, Venice and Toronto. A festival without competition nor awards...
And a Japanese retrospective with a tribute to Shochiku (entirely reviewed by acquarello)

My favorites:
A report on Reverse shot for the Q&A's of Haneke and Chereau for their films Caché and Gabrielle.
Greencine daily dispatches by David D'Arcy

Haze, latest film of Shinya Tsukamoto (Tetsuo the iron man) recommended by filmbrain. Sounds fantastic! This feature length film is the director's cut of a 28' segment contained in an asian omnibus put together by the Jeonju International Festival, along with fellow filmmakers Song Il-gon and Apichatpong Weerasethakul (maybe the short film included at NYFF?)
Note: this film is presented coupled with a 30' short of the same filmmaker, Tamamushi, at the Festival of Asian cinema in Lyon (France), which is a segment of another omnibus triptych titled Jam Films - FEMALE.

I like all these omnibus/portemanteau projects coming out recently, gathering various filmmakers around the same topic, to develop the resources of an overlooked film form, the short film. A "genre" or stylistic exercice I'm fond of, and I've been tracking down all omnibus instances (let me know if you can think of other examples), and look forward the upcoming Paris, je t'aime, 20 shorts for 20 districts in Paris by international auteurs.

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