07 octobre 2011

Global Lives

-Cultural Diversity Awareness-

Global Lives Project (website [EDIT: server back on]) Wikipedia 
Berkeley, USA. 2004-2010
Our mission is to collaboratively build a video library of human life experience that reshapes how we as both producers and viewers conceive of cultures, nations and people outside of our own communities.
Framed by the arc of the day and conveyed through the intimacy of video, we have slowly and faithfully captured 24 continuous hours in the lives of 10 people from around the world [China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Malawi, Serbia, Brazil, USA]. They are screened here in their own right, but also in relation to one another.
There is no narrative other than that which is found in the composition of everyday life, no overt interpretations other than that which you may bring to it.
By extending the long take to a certain extreme and infusing it with the spirit of cinema verité, we invite audiences to confer close attention onto other worlds, and simultaneously reflect upon their own. The force and depth of human difference and similarity are revealed in this process. Gaps which mark cultural divides feel, at once, both wider and narrower. This sense - that we, as humans, are both knowable and unknowable, fundamentally different as well as the same - opens a space for dialogue.
24h unedited video footage (plan sequences) available online on their website; here are the trailers:

James Bullock - San Francisco, USA (November 17, 2004) offline [10' excerpt] [YT trailer]

Israel Feliciano - São Paulo, Brazil (May 21, 2006)  [YT trailer]

Edith Kapuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi (May 2007)  [YT trailer]

  • Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan (July 2007)  [trailer offline]

Kai Liu - Anren, China (September 2008) [YT trailer]

Dadah - Sarimukti Village, Indonesia (October 2008) [YT trailer]

  • Muttu Kumar - Hampi, India (March 7, 2009)  [trailer offline]

Dusan Lazic - Vojka, Serbia (April, 2009) [YT trailer]

Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon (May 15, 2009) [YT trailer]

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