01 octobre 2011

Cultural Diversity Awareness

October 2011 is Cultural Diversity Awareness month in the USA!
"Embrace diversity, embrace the World!" says the slogan... that's the theory.

If you believe that art should be a boundless means of communication throughout the world, despite the "invisible hand of the free market", despite the national-centric protectionism of national culture, despite the artificial and timely hierarchy of entertainment norms, despite the close-minded taste of the mainstream mass... please consider contributing to this month-long proactive campaign of WORLD CINEMA awareness, because art cinema from around the world deserves a better visibility, in every country, than what it currently gets in commercial theatres. Post your own artwork, articles, analyses, photos, statistics... and share the links to identify the cultural discrimination imposed by the industry and lazy cultural arbiters and to overcome its barriers through plebiscite and consumption changes. Talk about movies celebrating cultural diversity, opening borders, welcoming foreign culture, altruism, philoxeny or denouncing censorship, isolationism, exclusion, marginalisation of foreign films.

USA-Mexico border wall, 2008
  • De l'autre côté (2002/Chantal Akerman/France/Belgium/Australia/Finland)
  • Los Bastardos (2008/Amat Escalante/Mexico/France/USA) USA distribution = 1 screen / 1 week / 500 spectators
  • Norteado (2009/Rigoberto Pérezcano/Mexico/Spain)

Banksy on the Palestine-Israel wall, 2005
  • Mur (2005/Simone Bitton/France/Israel) USA distribution = 2 screens / 3 weeks / 3000 spectators

North Korea-South Korea Joint Security Area DMZ, 1953
  • Joint Security Area (2000/Park Chan-wook/Korea)

Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002/Phillip Noyce/Australia)

Cultural Diversity Awareness series (Octobre 2011) :
  1. World Cinema Online Resource / Cultural Diversity tag on Screenville
  2. Iranian dissidence in Real Life Peril 
  3. Caché (Rouyer)
  4. Presumptuous Best Film in the World 
  5. Global Lives
  6. Artificial barriers against free circulation of World cinema 
  7. France exports (uniFrance) 
  8. World Cruise 2010 (Eikawa Yuki) 
  9. Hollywood émigrés 
  10. Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity (UNESCO) 
  11. Reductive Foreign Stereotypes 
  12. Cambodge : culture exterminée 
  13. Films from the south 
  14. Diversity / fragmentation ? (Mondzain) 
  15. Cinema quotas 
  16. Life in a Day (Mcdonald) 
  17. India languages - World Cinema Stats (24) 
  18. Images de la diversité
  19. Festival pundits (spoiled brats) 
  20. Guerilla Cinema (Père)
  21. RUSSIA - World Cinema Stats (25)
  22. Mexican culture in America 
  23. Cultural Stereotypes in Taipei (Bouquin) 
  24. Fit in to be distributed in the USA (Krohn) 
  25. October 2011 releases USA
  26. to be continued...


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