18 octobre 2011

Films from the South

-Cultural Diversity Awareness-

The Case For Global Film : a British website (ITP, in the picture) about "Discussing everything that isn’t Hollywood (and a little that is)"
They are doing a series titled "Films from the South" this October 2011 (Oslo's 21st "Films From the South" festival) :
  1. Where Do We Go Now? (2011/Nadine Labaki/Lebanon/Fr/It/Egypt)
  2. Man Without a Cellphone / Bidoun Mobile (2010/Sameh Zoabi/Palestine/Israel/Fra/Bel/Qatar)
  3. Finding Ali (2011/Pål Hollender/Sweden)
  4. Be With Me (2005/Eric Khoo/Singapore)
  5. The Year Without Summer / Wu zhi xia nian (2010/Tan Chui Mui/Malaysia)
  6. So Hard to Forget / Como Esquecer (2010/Malu de Martino/Brazil)
  7. Aballay / Aballay, el hombre sin miedo (2010/Fernando Spiner/Argentina/Spain)
  8. Fireworks Wednesday / Chaharshanbe-soori (2006/Asghar Farhadi/Iran)
  9. About Elly / Darbareye Elly (2009/Asghar Farhadi/Iran)
  10. The Journals of Musan / Musanilgi (2010/Park Jung-bum/South Korea)
  11. Carancho (2010/Pablo Trapero/Argentine/Chile/France/S. Korea)
  12. Tatsumi (2011/Eric Khoo/Singapore)
  13. Interview with Eric Khoo
  14. The Benghali Detective (2011/UK/India//USA) 
  15. Virgin Goat / Ladli Laila (2009/India)
  16. Final thoughts 


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